Charity Silent Auctions ideas- Planning Ahead For a Successful Auction

Schools are always looking for ways to raise money, whether it’s for a field trip, new equipment, books, or other school improvement initiatives. Finding ways to raise funds that don’t require much money to be spent up front are vital for schools. The following ideas can make your next school fundraising auction a success:

1. Teddy bear raffle — you can advertise in ideas for silent auction advance for new and or gently used teddy bears to be donated for a teddy bear raffle. These are always popular items, and you can enhance their value by adding simple ribbons to give the bears a festive look and giving them fun and creative names.

2. Principal for a day — this is a great one to raise money for a school. Parents can bid on this item to allow their children to be the school’s principal for a day. They can participate in making various school decisions, make a presentation, school announcements, and even have a reporter come by to do a story on them for a local paper.

3. Have art classes create special items to be included at a silent or live auction benefiting the school. These can be paintings, drawings, sculptures, and collages, or any other school art project idea. Proud parents and extended family members can come to bid on these items to raise money.

4. Have a group – or groups – of students volunteer to perform yard cleanup work. This is something that many people could use, so they can feel good about getting the necessary yard work done by bidding on teams of students who will come and do the work for them.